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Pitch Decks & Presentations

Pitch Deck Examples

How will a pitch deck help my business?

A pitch deck, trifold or promotional booklet is a great tool to demonstrate to licensors, customers or funding sources what your business idea is about and how great it would look on children's fashion, product and merchandise.

  • Do you have a new property or character that you want to pitch to potential business collaborators?

  • Do you want to want to promote a You Tube channel?

  • Would like to become a licensee and  take your existing product into licensed product?

  • Are you a licensor pitching a new property to manufacturers?

  • Do you want to visualize how your property looks on apparel, bedding or as a plush toy?

This can be a printed booklet, emailed as a pdf or mailed in the form of a trifold leaflet.

As a design studio, Kiddithinks does not offer marketing or business strategy consulting, nor can offer to you find you customers, but we frequently collaborate with an independent business licensing experts to develop great presentations to impress potential business partners though pitch presentations and children's merchadise design.



Wimee TV, featuring Wimee a lovable robot puppet, has been helping kid's with their literary and storytelling skills through animations, school workshops and an app since 2014. The live and recorded shows include content aimed at Latino. Native American and African American children. The team wanted to explore licensing and business collaborations. Dawn created the pitch deck with merchandise design while our business licensing consultant worked with them on teh business and customer side.

Galaxy League Health Defenders

Galaxy League Health Defenders were invented by healthcare worker Tegina Williams to tap into the huge children's healthcare market proviiding fun and educational tools for medical professionals to improve the experience of children and their parents dealing with hospital treatment.

Dawn updated characters from an earlier book and put together this pitch deck including new branding, logo, merchandise design and new artwork that could be used for further social media and promotional projects.

Car Spotto

Car Spotto was an app created by entrepreneurial Australian mum Swarnie Condon for bored kids in cars. The goal was to build Car Spotto into a licensed brand from the ground up and Kiddithinks worked with her on her ideas to develop characters and original artwork, offered guidance on the best merchandise, designed a range of apparel, bags, bedding, room decorated travel accessories along with all prints and textiles, and even helped create the pitch brochures and copy.


Yodle was a new accessory concept seeking manufacturing partnerships. Dawn created this trifold flyer suitable for mailing, creating a branding look, instructions, accessory designs, fashion illustration and a proposed in-store end-cap.


My Private Pocket

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